L.S.W. Wear Parts is committed to offering our customers quality products from one supplier. Another example of this commitment is our partnership with Keystone Street sweeping brooms and brushers.

L.S.W. inventory’s a huge selection of wafers, brooms and gutters brooms so you don’t have to!

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Fast Lead Times: In today’s competitive climate, the ability to get products when you need them is crucial. Keystone has the fastest lead times in the industry. Whether you’re ordering stock items or need custom products, you can always get your products.

Quality: The best manufacturing equipment and technology produces the best products in the industry. Keystone has a veteran staff of experienced employees producing quality street sweeping broom and brushes – adding value to every product and every order.

Integrity: At Keystone we are committed to produce quality products, provide first class service and most importantly, stand behind our products and our partners. >

Contact L.S.W. Wear Parts Ltd. for pricing and information.