Haver n Boecker logo LSW Wear Parts is pleased to exclusively represent a leader in process equipment in Atlantic Canada.   Formerly Known as W.S. Tyler, Haver & Boecker Canada is the parent company to W.S Tyler as well as Major Wire industries

With the combination of the 2 companies LSW Wear Parts can supply start to finish screening solutions.

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Haver n Boecker product

Haver & Boecker is a leading manufacturer in processing, storage, mixing, packing, filling, palletizing and loading systems. The company’s mission is to deliver the best of these technologies to the marketplace. With deep roots and years of experience in these industries, the company effectively meets the needs of customers around the world. Haver n Boecker product


F-Class Vibrating Screen
Niagara Vibrating Screen
T-Class Vibrating Screen
XL-Class Vibrating Screen
H-Class Vibrating Screen
L-Class Vibrating Screen
S-Class Vibrating Screen
UML-Class Vibrating Screen
Custom Desi


Test Your Material


Scarabaeus Pelletizing Disc
Test Your Materials

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