L.S.W. Wear Parts offers a full line of ESCO teeth and adapters including the Ultralok® Tooth System, the Super V® Tooth System and MaxDRP™ Side-Pin Style Replacement Teeth.


ESCO is the leader in innovation and performance wear parts in the earthmoving industry. Keeping with that tradition, ESCO currently offers the Ultralok tooth system.


Ultralok S Point: The S is a standard point for use on both excavators and wheel loaders. Designed to wear sharp to maintain penetration, and features a center rib for greater strength. An excellent choice for general purpose applications

Ultralok C Point: The C is a chisel point primarily for use on excavators. The design provides good penetration and extra wear metal in tough applications. The heavy-duty rib and unique tear-drop relief in the bottom keeps the point sharp throughout its wear life.

Ultralok P Point: The P is a pick point for extremely hard to penetrate materials, and is primarily designed for excavators but can be used on wheel loaders when conditions warrant it. Ribs on both the top and bottom provide strength and allow the point to stay sharp throughout its wear life.

Ultralok T Point: The T is a twin pick point for maximum performance in hard to penetrate materials. The unique configuration minimizes the chance of rocks becoming wedged between the tines. The twin pick shape is designed to be used in the corner positions in conjunction with the P style point to cut clearance for the buckets sides. Each corner can be switched with the opposite corner to maximize the wear life.

Ultralok F Point: The F is a flared point for general purpose digging, clean-up, and applications where a continuous edge may be used. The wide blade maximizes bucket capacity and is an excellent choice for trench bottoms and foundation excavations.

Ultralok H Point: The H is a heavy point for extremely abrasive applications and is primarily designed for excavators. Additional wear metal provides long point life. The heavy-duty rib and unique tear-drop relief in the bottom help to maintain sharpness as the point wears.

Ultralok AP Point: The AP is a heavy-duty penetration point for wheel loaders with added wear metal for highly abrasive applications. The beveled tip design ensures sharpness, and the top center rib helps maintain the sharpness as the point wears. A wear shoe is integrated into the bottom to provide long life.

Ultralok A Point: The A point is designed for optimum wear on wheel loaders working in extreme abrasion applications. The beveled tip and top contoured panel ensures excellent bucket loading. The full length bottom wear shoe provides maximum wear life and ensures a smooth floor to minimize the chance of tire damage.


ESCO is known worldwide as a leader tooth equipment for the mining, construction and aggregate markets. That engineering expertise is added to direct replacement tooth equipment.

ESCO MaxDRP points are enhanced replacements for Caterpillar side-pin style points – designs that deliver maximum penetration, wear life and value in a wide variety of applications. MaxDRP points include a heavy-duty box section with a reinforced rib, wear indicators, added pin protection and more wear metal than conventional designs.